Year 2 Roadmap Announcement

It’s been officially 1 year since we first launched in Early Access and its been a blast ! We thank our community and what they have allowed us to build with them collaboratively and have the greatest hopes for a very long future building and supporting Cepheus Protocol.

Going forward we are aware of the following and know it isnt in the year 2 roadmap but it is on our radar for fixing regardless in the next month or so during polish before we officially start Tier 1 of the roadmap.

  1. Path Finding – we will be hitting up on this on the public beta after experimental wraps
  2. Formation System – will be saved for a polish stage after Factions fully ships from Year 1’s carry over
  3. UI – will be implemented before we start Tier 1
  4. Character Modeling Revamps & Weapons

Regarding Coop/Modding originally being in year 1’s roadmap

While we understand that coop is a big goal we want to refine the core as much as possible before we ship any kind of online feature to make it as streamlined as possible and reduce bugs/etc. As year 3 will have an entirely different focus from everything else we’ve done to date. Modding is still on the docket and planned for expansion behind the scenes as we wrap up year 2.

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