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Pricing Guidelines

In an effort to keep communication open at all times we have constructed this page. It will be updated regularly as we work on Cepheus Protocol

$14.99 Current Price

After getting a lot of feedback about wanting more content for the purchase price we decided to do some digging and found there are a lot of other games that offer games at $20 that have more replayability then ours at the moment. We didn’t feel right about it and decided to lower it in the approach towards being pro-consumer

We did open up multiple avenues of supporting the team via a Patreon(Link) recently with some incentives marked into the pledges levels. As it should be noted our team is volunteer only and we all purely make money off the game sales only.

$19.99 October 2021

We will return to the base price of $19.99 following the release of the following content updates

Factions Update

Open World Expansion



The next price increase is targeted for the 1.0 release TBA…