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Bug Reports/Common Fixes

Hello Civilian! Welcome to Treasure Island. Before you continue to the Support and Feedback channels below, please ensure you’re providing the following information so that we can solve your problem as quickly as possible and get you back to hunting down Patient Zero:

Please be aware that the Public Test Build is our testing ground where we try new fixes and new mechanics so you might run into some bugs in there.

We do not recommend playing your full games on there because you might lose progress but you can definitely go in there to see what we’re working on. Bugs and other things might break but please do let us know if you run into a crash and report that to us.


1) Crashes/Technical Issues in #🐞bug-report: Please provide the Engine Build version (found on the top right of the Main Screen) and if your game crashed, share your crash log report. Having trouble finding the crash logs? Please refer to GIF below:

If you can get us a full copy/paste of the call stack (See Example below) over the dump file this is highly more desirable. We want the entire circled blue section in its entirely either copy pasted into a forums post/discord bug-report channel. You can also put it inside a .txt file if your fancy and upload that


Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0xffffffff

CepheusProtocol_Win64_Shipping!TRDGLambdaPass<FSplitImaginaryReflectionGBufferCS::FParameters,<lambda_a4c89e175ca7da06684c5e9616747aed> >::ExecuteImpl()

Crash Dump File Location

If all else fails send us the dump file but this is the harder method to troubleshoot and we will require the "EXACT" build you played  it on.


2) Bugs/In-Game Issues in #🐞bug-report: Please provide as much information as you can and include a screenshot if possible. Tell us where it happened, what you were doing before it happened, and any other information that would help us reproduce the issue.

How to use OBS Tutorial for recording gameplay/bug reporting. Use this tool to easy show us whats going on in your game session. especially if the bug is super complicated and we can’t seem to be able to recreate it

Save File Location (If asked)

In some instances we might request your save file if the bug is that hard to pin down. You can find save files here

3) #💬suggestions Channel: If you have any other issues, comments, feedback, or suggestions, please head over to the feedback channel below and leave us a detailed comment. As always, you can PM me if you need help with anything else!

Common Fixes/Issues

#1. Slow Load Times (We recommend a SSD at least)

The game loads slowly. Most people dont realize its not only the RAM,CPU and Video card that affect game performance but also your HD. Having a fast hardware can go a long way to improve performance. Heres a video showing off the different harddrives and what kinda of performance you might expect from them

#2. Game seems funky/UI not loading properly other weird gameplay events

Verify your steam install. Sometimes a HD or other component on a machine can malfunction heck even a very hardcore anti virus can damage/affect downloads. Its recommended you at least verify the game install via the method shown below.